Blue Republic is a water sports portal, a meeting poinbt for everyone involved with the Sea. You’ll find activities, any service you require (marinas, shops, skippers, courses) and people 🙂

We are a group friends who are crazy about water sports, we enjoy sailing, diving, kiting, surfing.

You can create you nautical CV to keep track of your progress and share it when you book a training or rent a boat.

You can propose activities to other members

You can advertise your business so that the members can found you in the market. Shops, Marinas, Nautical Centers, Trainers, you’re all welcome !

No problem ! You can advertise yourself and propose to joing any future opportunity. Simply propose a service and categorize it under “adds, petits annonces “

It is free for people (amateurs) who want to find services and interact with others. Business will be asked a small amount to maintain the community.

We are not adding any advertisement in our portal, we facilitate the professionals list their service and we make sure the amateurs know where they can find them in case of need.

Just raise us a text via the form, we’ll get back to you within 24h

Every review made by the people in Blue Republic is carefully checked by ass. Lack of respect or non-objective reviews will not be approved