Indian Ocean sailing adventures


Date: Multiple dates available, please see below
Price: Free
Type: Sailing
Level: beginner
Location: Madagascar
Departure: Madagascar
Arrival: Madagascar

Ahoy Ahoy

We are a co-op ship and we’re open again for applications for our 2020/21 trip.

We are currently in Madagascar. We’ll start around march/april to explore the western Indian Ocean, Madagascar, Mayotte, Comores, Tanzania, Kenya and Seychelles. The general idea at this stage is to spend most of the year 2020 in the area before rounding the Cape of Good Hope in late 2020 and continue on into the Atlantic for 2021.

We do not have a set schedule nor a set itinerary, what we have is a nice ship to share and a beautiful area of the world to explore.

We are not looking for hitchhikers, the idea is to share the ship with motivated long term crew and form a community. Sailing experience is not a must, what’s more important is a good attitude, a willingness to become part of a team and a deep craving for an alternative, nomadic, sea gypsy lifestyle. We particularly appreciate well rounded, independent, world savvy individuals with open plans, who are as comfortable with tools as with musical instruments and who also have a mean to sustain themselves financially while on the move.

Anyone interested should have a good long look at our website, where we’ve posted most of the relevant info, including the application process and our email address.

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