Let’s kite surf around in Morocco


Date: Multiple dates available, please see below
Price: €900 / day/person
Type: Kitesurf
Level: proficient
Location: Dakhla
Departure: Dakhla Airport, Dakhla

Let’s kitesurf around in Dakha!
I would like to organise a travel to Dakhla with some other nice and experienced Kitefurfers… ! My goal is to improve my skills and therefore want to find out a coach to help me out.
Several options here :

  • Any kite surfer coach who wants to joint in exchange of everything paid?
  • Any other kitters who want to join me in this adventure ?

I can be available in many dates, that’s why I propose multi-dates, but the travel will only take place on one !

Do not hesitate to contact me 😉

1. Meeting in Dahkla
2. Kite surf spot
Let's go to the spot
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