Back to the roots, back to the grain


It has been around 3 years that I see how my most hipsters friends buy a beer-kit in order to brew their own beer at home. I read in the newspaper that some well prepared professionals in Madrid decided to quit everything and learn how to cook good bread in order to setup a bakery…

Almost all the cities in Europe live this trend. Traditional bakeries are more and more appreciated and microbreweries can be found anywhere.

Some specialized markets and bars sell them to groups of friends that discover them and degustate as they could do with the most expensive wine. In BQ Birrificio Milano, Eataly, Beer-Ket in Barcelona, Brasserie du Chateau in Lausanne, La Fine Mousse in Paris, all those places are specialized in artisanal beers, and I can only recommend them. Those beers and the bread in those traditional bakeries taste differently, yes! differently !!! The taste of tradition, the taste of quality.


But What is the reason why many people enjoy buying a beer-kit and produce own beer (even if it smells veeeery baaad!)?. I think the society and more concretely people of my generation spend all their time at work to produce “air” (so-called services) and at the end of the day they ask themselves, what did I do today? well, ok, let’s produce beer, or bread!

We are fed up of commercial non-taste products, we are fed-up to produce air and to consume air. We miss old traditional procedures that we have never learnt and qualities that have never taste.

My opinion? the society is brewing, we are still not ready for a change but it will come, and until it does…….we brew beer, we cook bread at home, and we drink craft beer at the bars 🙂


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