Underwater world in the Caribbean


The Caribbean Sea is one of the most rich in colourful sub-aquatic creatures. You do not need to dive very depth to discover this magnificent world. Those are just some of the animals you can find. 

… up to you whether you prefer snorkel or dive ūüėȬ†

Green Sea Turtle

Scientific name : Chelonia mydas

  • Family Name : Cheloniidae
  • Classification: Reptile
  • IUCN status: Endangered
  • Lifespan (in wild): Up to 80 years
  • Weight: 65-130 kg
  • Body Length:1-1.2m
  • Diet: Herbivores
  • Habitat: Ocean waters
  • Depth: 13-21m
  • Dangerous:¬†No, but please do not touch them.

The Green turtle is one of the largest species of turtle. The can be identified by their strong carapace of different colours (green, yellow, olive, black and dark brown).

Apparently those turtles are named after the colour of the fat they have under their shell. Scientists believe this is caused by their diet : they are actually like sub aquatic cows, they eat seaweed, sea grass and other marine plants.

You will find them ….¬†in zones where there is sea grass…¬†the spend¬†their time over there eating and eating.

Blue Caribbean Tang

Scientific name : Acanthurus coerulus.

  • Family Name¬†: Acanthuridae
  • Classification:¬†Actinopterygii
  • IUCN status:¬†Least Concern
  • Lifespan (in wild):¬†8-20 years
  • Weight:¬†600g
  • Body Length: up to 30cm
  • Diet:¬†Herbivores
  • Habitat:¬†Ocean warm waters
  • Depth: 5-25m
  • Activity: day
  • Dangerous:¬†Semi-aggressive

This fish has a blue body and yellow tail and looks like a pancake. Has a pointed snout-like nose.

Juvenile specimens are yellow.

You will find them …. In the reefs around the corals in groups with other surgeon or tang fishes.


Ocean Surgeon Fish 

Scientific name : Acanthurus bahianus

  • Family Name¬†: Acanthuridae
  • Classification:¬†Actinopterzgii
  • IUCN status:¬†Least Concern¬†
  • Lifespan (in wild):¬†8-20 years
  • Weight:¬†600g
  • Body Length: 15-30cm
  • Diet:¬†Herbivores
  • Habitat:¬†Ocean warm waters
  • Depth: 5-25m
  • Activity: Day
  • Dangerous:¬†Not shy but could become cautious when divers are around.

This fish is mostly of yellow colour but could also be found in a soft blue or a light brown. Its body is oval. There are actually many types of different colours

You will find them …. In the reefs, around¬†the corals together with groups of blue tangs.

Mahi Mahi

Scientific name : Coryphaena hippurus

  • Family Name : Coryphaenidae
  • Classification: Actinopterygii
  • IUCN status: Least Concern 
  • Lifespan (in wild): 7 years
  • Weight: 22Kg
  • Body Length: 86-140cm
  • Diet: Carnivourous
  • Habitat: Ocean warm waters
  • Depth: 5-10m
  • Activity: Day
  • Dangerous: Carnivorous aggressive feeders

This fish looks like a golden dolphin. Is very quick and likes eating other fish like flying fishes.

You will find them …. In open waters.

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