Oda a los pastéis de Belém.. and Lisbon!


Some weeks ago I went to Lisbon, what can I say about…

It is a wonderful city but extremely melancholic at the same time. I think it is not a coincidence that the word SAUDADE is present everywhere, in the bars, in the different streets…

I actually felt saudade because I remembered my trips and stories in Antilles and also because of the city itself…

The colours, the building, the deep spirit of what was a great country, a great emporium, some traces of the old Spanish influence, lots of traces of the current Spanish influence…. this makes Lisbon ambience very especial.

I could imagine the shinning time of Lisbon, not really need to go back until the XVI century, but just the Second World War when War had a positive impact in the economy. I could imagine some distinguished people walking down the Liberdade avenue in 1939, or just going to eat one of those marvelous pastéis de Belem, and ignoring what was about to happen.

Lisbon is a city able to inspire anybody who is in love with the sea and the good gastronomy and wine. Portugal is the country of the greatest explorers of the History….

….and their pastéis de Belem are just….. WONDERFUL! Not sure what makes those cakes that special, the cream, the portuguese old-fashioned bar where you buy and eat them, the extraordinary coffee that you can drink there … everything together!

And speaking about coffee….. very nice sugar messages in Portugal!

Sintra is another nice town that must be visited if going to Lisbon and surroundings. It is a splash of coulours, but again saudade, saudade, saudade. It reminded me vaguely The Romantische strasse, Neuschwanstein and Hohenswangau castles in Bavaria.

… and a great Bacalhau a la brass accompanied with a Cota do Douro wine could be enjoyed in one of the nice portuguese taverns over there 🙂

Portugal: Bacalhau, good wine, pastéis de Belém and the saudade of a great past History………what else?

….a perfect Atlantic port 🙂

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