Bequia – Marina

Bequia Marina

Price: €30 / Night (depends on vessel dimension)
Address: Bequia Marina
Type of Service: Boatyards & Marinas
Sport: Sailing

Welcome to The Yacht Club at Bequia Marina in Admiralty Bay. We offer dockage facilities, moorings, rooms, a bar and restaurant and yacht photography. All pricing is in EC (Eastern Caribbean dollars).

Location and contact

We are located in Port Elizabeth, Admiralty bay, Bequia, St Vincent and the Grenadines (N 13°00.69 W061°14.33). Look for the blue building to the North East corner of the bay. You can contact us by calling (784) 533-1320. Our offices are open daily 8AM to 3PM.

Dockage facilities

Dock facilities are open Monday to Saturday 8:00AM to 4PM. We have diesel (supplied by SOL EEC Limited, agents for Shell fuel and lubricants), water and ice, but please contact us prior to arriving because in dry season we can run out of water! Pricing is as follows:

  • Diesel per US Gallon is $16.00 EC
  • Electricity $50.00 EC per night
  • Water per US Gallon is $1.35 EC
  • Ice (cubed) per bag is $12.00 EC or $10 EC wholesale (min 10 bags)
  • Dockage: Monohull alongside/: 8.00 EC per foot. Stern too/: 5.00 EC per foot. Catamarans alongside/: 12.00 EC per foot. Stern too: 8.00 EC per foot.
  • Trash $5.00 EC per bag

Please note, you MUST clear customs and immigration BEFORE you come onto our dock or you must call ahead and ask us to obtain permission for you to dock.

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