Britannia Bay – Mustique Mooring

Britannia bay, mustique

Price: €85 / Night (depending on the dimension of the vessel)
Address: Britannia bay, mustique
Type of Service: Boatyards & Marinas
Sport: Sailing - Cruising


Just three miles by one, Mustique and the surrounding waters have been identified as a designated Conservation Area, please join us in the stewardship of our island and help us protect this delicate ecosystem.
As a visitor arriving by boat we ask you to respect the following guidelines in order to help us achieve our mission:-
• If Mustique is your first destination in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, please do register your arrival with the Customs & Immigration Department, on + 1 784 488 8410.
• Boats up to 60 ft. to use moorings provided in Britannia Bay, larger vessels please contact the moorings office on VHF 16/68 or 533 0216.
• Please observe the harbour speed limit of 5 knots to protect sea turtles that may be on the surface of the water and swimmers observing marine life below.

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