Ocean Pro

Naples, Florida

Price: €500 / 2weeks/40feet
Address: Naples, Florida
Type of Service: Schools & Coach - Weather & Guides
Sport: Sailing

* Bob Cook, a professional sailor & weather router, offers expert passage planning
* Precision weather routing in the Atlantic, Caribbean, Pacific and Indian oceans
* Global resources for marine weather: highs, lows, fronts, winds, seas and storms
* Optimal weather windows, ocean currents, routing, hurricane & storm avoidance
* Regular in-route communications via telephone, sat phone, email and HF SSB
* Private Marine Coast Station: Freqs: 6224, 8294, 12353, 16528 and 18840 khz,
* Call or email us in the US at +239-775-7435 or “oceanpro.weather @ gmail.com”


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